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Gratitude is defined as a state of being thankful. When I would hear the word gratitude I would have this feeling of dissatisfaction and smugness of understanding. Thinking I understood the meaning behind it, getting agitated when being told to be grateful, but saying instead I already was.. I decided to connect with the meaning and essence of the word and start at the beginning. So many times I hear people using words and not knowing the actual meaning behind them.

Each day I take moments to stop. Breathe. Be. By connecting in this way with the world around me I noticed a change, a difference in the way I stood to the way I see and sense things. By being still and present I began to connect with the moment of being. Understanding what it truly means to be in gratitude. To be grateful for the earth we stand on, feeling the elements around us. Grateful for who and what I am and the journey I am on.

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