Shelby Henry

Cosmic Energy Healer and Reader

owner / manager


My goal is to awaken the hearts of people across the world by showering them in love and acceptance. Over the past 6+ years my dedication to healing has grown into a beautiful practice helping countless souls connect to their own spiritual journey. I  work with the light body to bring activations and to anchor the 5th dimensional rainbow bridge energy. I am an Angel Intuitive that works with the Ascended Masters, Angelic & Star Beings, our Ancestors, Spirit & Animal Guides, & Elementals. By working with my support team each session is catered to each individual’s needs.




4:30 pm

Spiritual Reading

       This session works in the subconscious energy, it’s about what you need to work on to elevate the situation you're in for the highest outcome.  I connect to your guides & the cosmos for guidance through the cards & through my intuitive ability. 

30 Minutes                $50

60 Minutes                $100        





10:00 am

Channeled Healing

       This session is for a general or specific need. If you need cords cut, help clearing an old relationship, subconscious overriding, inner child work, deep grounding, deep inner peace, help sleeping, etc.

30 Minutes                $50

60 Minutes                $100 90 Minutes                $150     

Private Meditations



11:30 am

Guided Activation Meditation

       This mediation is for bringing in encoded information to activate your energy. We connect to your guides, Star family, Universal & Earth energy to open your energy and bring you the tools you need. With this meditation you may receive immediate results or they may take time as your body acclimates to the changes, generates the energy & integrates the information.

30 Minutes                $50

60 Minutes                $100 

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