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Cosmic Energy Healer and Spiritual Reader

Shelby Henry

My mission is to awaken the hearts of people across the world by sharing with them unconditional love and universal energy.


Over the last 10+ years my dedication to healing has grown into a beautiful practice helping countless souls connect to their own spiritual journey.  


I have a background in shamanic healing, crystal healer, reiki master, la ho chi 13th octave, angel intuitive, and my own natural guidance. 


I work with beings of light, our Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Ascended Master, Star Families, Spirit Animals, Angels +


In my sessions I work with higher light frequency & guides to bring balance to your mind, body & spirit.  Opening your energy channels to allow your body to naturally heal and support your spiritual health.  I give guidance on what I feel you need to continue growing for your highest good.  

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