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Personal Growth Written By Shelby

There are many types of “Growth” within the human experience. We have growth that happens within us on a soul level & within our subconscious/conscious mind levels. We grow in the environment that we live & by our relationship with the land and people. We grow through our connection to our cosmic roots and homes throughout the universe & dimensions.

Today I’m going to talk about inner growth. It all begins with a seed, a thought or expression. When something touches our soul it sparks a reaction. It may create gentle waves or a shockwave of energy. By this connection you can do nothing but “change” forever growing from your experiences. Now on a conscious level it is our choice to listen to the truth that our soul are showing us as our inner world changes color/shape.

This growth can appear through changes in how you feel, see, or experience your reality. Knowing parts of yourself on deeper & new levels. Seeing your behavior and patterns. Feeling your human experience through new senses & your current ones heightening. Having new encounters in your daily life. Finding newly discovered or rekindling old passions you’ve always wanted to try.

Each persons growth is unique to your individual makeup. Your connection to your energy, guides, DNA & so much more.

Feel free to share how you experience your Personal Growth.

Blessings on your journey


Written by Team Member/Manager Shelby

Month April


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