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Shelby Henry

I'm a spiritual wellness advocate.  I promote practices for your peace of mind, body, & spirit.  With over 10+ years of experience I'm here to share with you how to shift your life into a vibration of higher living.  Through conscious action in your everyday life you can begin to see those changes as early as today.  


We offer a range of tools to help assist you on your healing journey. 

Healing Services for spiritual healing & guidance.  Handmade Mala beads to enrich your spiritual connection.  Free meditations to guide you on your journey.

"I first found Shelby during a difficult period of my life, when I was not doing well emotionally. After our first session, I experienced a sense of calm that I had not experienced in a long time. I could not believe just how effective the healing had been. Shelby is without question the most gifted healer I have ever worked with and she has helped immensely with my problems. Every single session has been amazing. Thank you Shelby for helping me regain my enthusiasm for life. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Client, California

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