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Shelby is an incredibly gifted and talented energy healer.  Each time she's worked on me, I significantly shifted almost immediately.  I trust Shelby to lead me back to feeling healthy and balanced.        - Jen Svejda 


Such an amazing experience!  I left my session feeling loved, supported, and equipped with new tools for life.  Thank you Shelby for being here to help me on my journey. - Unknown


Shelby has a large energy about her that fills the room. It is impossible to ignore and overwhelmingly warm. I easily broke down into tears around her because she is such a natural healer. Before my session I felt bitter and angry for months, and afterwards I feel very at peace. My chakras feel more aligned and she has pointed me in the right direction to make positive changes. I would 10/10 recommend her to anyone who is searching to be healed.          - Sequoia Pedersen  

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