Happy New Year! by Sandra

We are at the beginning of a new year cycle. Doesn’t it feel great, like a fresh breathe of air. We’ve been through quite a lot this last year together as a collective. So much happened in 2020 worldwide, people were forced to step out of their comfort zones and daily routines. That led many of us into questioning everything in our lives and by having to face ourselves. Being forced to face our darkest fears, shadows, and live through some pretty extreme world events. Whatever expectations we held for 2020 or even the future itself is now all up for question on the 3D surface, forcing us into the 4D in preparation for the collective awakening into the 5D. This Awakening is called the "New Age of Aquarius".

Collectively we’ve been doing some major shadow work and healing. Purging out what has kept us weighed down and heavy for so long. We’ve been going through the process of transformation collectively and individually. Divine timing and destiny have been at play leading us through karmic cycles. By helping us clear our karma and learn from these experiences we can then step forward into our truest and most authentic self starting into the new cycles of our journey and phases of in life.

2021 is here and the New Age of Aquarius has begun. Some of us think we have an idea of what awaits us but if we’ve learned anything from 2020 it's to hold no expectations and to embrace our true power. We can begin creating and manifesting by cultivating the loving energy we want into our lives. Wherever you are on your journey now, I invite you to let go, release whatever is holding you back. Tune into your heart, your soul, and have the courage to make a change. We are truthfully one and when you rise, you create a wave and others rise with you. So this new year do not set expectations for yourself, instead take yourself as you are each day, loving and caring all that you are and do. Set intentions for what you need based on how you feel each day. Tune into your body, into your mind, into your soul, and let that guide you towards your next step. Slow down. There is purpose in all things, we just gotta take the time to take a good look at them. Only then will we be able to truly understand why we do what we do and change whatever patterns are affecting us negatively. Remember there is more than meets these two eyes. Tap into your third eye and tune into the divine angels and spirits that are all around you. They are here to help and be at your service, utilize them to create a better world for yourself and others.

Embrace your magic, embrace your healing powers, and the extraordinary world around you, not just your fellow human beings, but all elements. We are one, and what we give we receive according to the law of attraction. So steer and discern from anything fear based and call in the love that is already here for you! With much love and gratitude, I wish you all the best year yet, love, light, and healing.


- From our Team Member Sandra

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