Energy Healing

Energy Healing is used to promote the well-being and balance between your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


Our Starlight Healers use different modalities and tools such as crystals and sound tools to guide you into your healing journey.

Energy Reading

Readings are used to provide guidance for your spiritual and personal development. 

At Starlight Intuitive, our readers practice different forms of cartomancy such as tarot, oracle cards, or their intuition to relay messages from the Universe.

** Notice - At this time all services are remote, either done over the phone or on Zoom.  To book an appointment you may call in at 1 (818) 825-2867 or on the Services Tab under Book Online .  If you have any questions feel free to reach out on our Instagram, Facebook, or by email . 


      I awakened to my spiritual journey in my early 20s and quickly discovered that this was my passion and calling in life. My goal is to awaken the hearts of people across the world by showering them in love and acceptance. Over the past 6+ years my dedication to healing has grown into a beautiful practice helping countless souls connect to their own spiritual journey.     


I work with the light body to bring activations and to anchor the 5th dimensional rainbow bridge energy into your system.  I give you the tools you need to make the next step.


Certified in Reiki Tummo level 3,  LaHoChi 13 Octave & Crystal Healing,  I am an Angel Intuitive that works with the Ascended Masters, Angelic & Star Beings, our Ancestors, Spirit & Animal Guides, &  Elementals.  By working with my support team each session is catered to each individual’s needs.


Cosmic Energy Healer & Reader

 Hours and Pricing

    $55    30 min

   $110   60 min


     Wednesdays, Fridays &  Saturdays 

12pm - 5pm


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(818) 825-2867 .

Shelby Henry

Gabriella has been operating in various gifts since she was a small child. Growing up in Dallas, Texas she was immersed into a very spiritual sect of Christianity that would enable her to sharpen and develop her abilities. 

Intuitive readings, energy work, healing, meditation practices, tarot and life coaching are some of the areas in which Gabi is used in.


“My journey to my authentic self, has forced me to do a lot of self discovery and development. I’ve had to be honest with myself and be brave enough to live out my absolute truth. I want to help others to live in bliss - as I am living, stepping into their soul purpose and unapologetically owning it with power and light.” 

Energy Light Healer & Reader

 Hours and Pricing

$65      30 min

$130    60 min


        Tuesdays, Thursdays &                Saturdays         

12pm - 5pm


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(818) 825-2867 .

Gabriella Rafiele

Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master teacher in Usui & Seichem Egyptian Reiki 

-Including Shamanic healing practices, & Certified Medium.


I’m striving to walk in my light, live my purpose and share loving light energy. I believe that healing is our birthright, through healing we can work through limiting beliefs and step into our own personal power. When we heal ourselves, we can heal the collective and raise consciousness. 

Crystal Healer, Medium & Reiki Master 

 Hours and Pricing

$50      30 min

$100    60 min


        Tuesdays & Thursdays         12pm - 5pm

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(818) 825-2867 .

Graciela De La Cruz
Tobi Profile Picture.jpg

Gifted since childhood, I’ve followed my calling from the Universe to fulfill my journey in guiding souls towards their own spiritual journeys through understanding the emotional body.


For 8+ years I have dedicated myself to honing my abilities & skills; in tarot, astrology, empathic readings & healings, to mentoring newly awakened souls & star children.


As a fellow star child, I use the intuition I’ve received from my past life cycle, channel messages from my guides & Universe.


My goal and purpose is to continue to share higher vibrations with those souls on their journeys, to help people through compassion and by channeling light & love into our world.

Empathetic Reader & Healer

 Hours and Pricing 

$50    30 min

$100    60 min

   Wednesday, Friday & Saturday   

12pm - 5pm


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(818) 825-2867 .

Tobi Luar
Sandra Enriquez Profile Picture 5:13:20.

Hi my name is Sandra Enriquez I am an Intuitive energy healer and cosmic channel. I work with crystal energy, plant medicine, sound healing, and shaman modalities.


My mission and life purpose is to bring truth, love and healing to all on all levels of the self( body, mind, and soul) in order to raise the vibration of the earth and to cultivate that magical infinite energy within the self, so that we can feel safe to embody our true essence as powerful creators and leave the old programming of fear, anger, and illusions behind.


I focus on the whole picture, the transformation that has to happen within in order to have it manifest without. I help facilitate this transformation by bringing you the tools, awareness and unconditional love necessary to fully let go of the old subconscious patterns, the expectations and the suffering. Together we step forward into our true power, heal our body, our mind, our soul and open ourselves up to experience our heaven on earth.


It is an honor to be able to work with you and bring you one step closer to your true and powerful self. Namaste

Intuitive Healer & Cosmic Channel

 Hours and Pricing 

$50     30 min

$100     60 min


   Tuesdays & Thursdays      12pm - 5pm


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(818) 825-2867 .

Sandra Enriquez