Graciela De La Cruz

Certified Crystal Healer & Reiki Master

Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master teacher in Usui & Seichem Egyptian Reiki


-Including Shamanic healing practices, & Certified Medium.



I’m striving to walk in my light, live my purpose and share loving light energy. I believe that healing is our birthright, through healing we can work through limiting beliefs and step into our own personal power. When we heal ourselves, we can heal the collective and raise consciousness.


Tuesdays / Fridays


4:30 pm

Love/ Relationship Reading

       A Tarot Love reading is a great opportunity to see things from an entirely new perspective and find potential solutions to your current relationships.


My readings aim to bring clarity and healing to you.  

30 Minutes                $55

60 Minutes                $110        


Spiritual Journey Readings 

       I can provide a lot of insight, support, and guidance by shedding light on aspects you might have ignored or not been aware of.  I can help you regain your sense of balance as you find out the root causes, feelings, or attitudes involved in any particular situation.

30 Minutes                $55

60 Minutes                $110        



Tuesdays / Saturdays


10:00 am

Reiki Healing

        Close your eyes and relax. While your lie on the massage table I will guide you into a reiki healing. I will channel reiki energy to provide healing to your body, mind, and spirit.

30 Minutes                $55

60 Minutes                $110     

Healing Energetic Attachments

       A healing to help your evolution by cutting cords that still bind you to previous relationships and prevent you from completing those connections  in the highest of ways. When you have a relationship with someone your energetic systems become connected, especially when there is a strong emotional or mental event between both parties such as a traumatic or painful event(s). I would love to help you with the  process of cutting cords on all levels of your awareness to complete past relationships in the highest of ways and to remove any energetic cords that are attached between you and the other person.

30 Minutes                $55

60 Minutes                $110        


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