Gabriella Rafiele

Soul Light Energy Healer and Reader

owner / manager


I was immersed into a very spiritual branch of Christianity that would enable me to develop my abilities. Upon that foundation, I have been able to sharpen my intuition with different modalities and practices. I work with beings of higher consciousness such as star beings, deities, higher light beings, angels, and many more. The journey to my authentic self has forced me to do a lot of self discovery and development. I’ve had to be honest with myself and be brave enough to live out my truth. I want to help others heal and love, stepping into their purpose and unapologetically owning it with power and light.


Wednesdays / Saturdays


4:30 pm

Intuitive Reading

       This is your safe space to ask the Universe anything that is in your heart. I use tarot cards, oracle cards, and my own intuitive gifts to tap in and pull the information you need.

30 Minutes                $65

60 Minutes                $130        


Birth-Chart Reading

       I am a Sagittarius sun, moon and a Scorpio rising.  What are your big three?Let's explore your astrological makeup and see what it says about you and/or your partner(s).

single birth chart session 60 minutes

a compatibility session is 90 minutes

single chart              $130

compatibility           $195        



Wednesdays / Saturdays


10:00 am

Crystal Healing

        Close your eyes and relax. While your lie on the massage table I will guide you into an energetic healing. I use crystals, healing tools, and celestial healing energy to clear, clean, and reset your bodies.

30 Minutes                $65

60 Minutes                $130     

Soul Light Healing

       Let's have a conversation with your soul. I will guide you deep into your emotions to bring out shadows, trauma, indecisions and fears. Listening to your soul will give you the peace and healing you need to move forward.

30 Minutes                $65

60 Minutes                $130        


Private Meditations

Wednesdays / Saturdays


11:30 am

Private Meditation

      The power of the mind is limitless. Meditation has been proven to benefit your mental and emotional health. A state of mental/emotional peace will bring positive changes in your life. This session can also be used to open and sharpen your spiritual gifts.

30 Minutes                $50

60 Minutes                $100 

Chakra Healing Journey

       Ready to make a real change? Explore, open, and clear your seven main chakras. This journey will help you live a more mindful life. Each of the seven session is 60 Minutes.

7 Sessions               $700        


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