Gabriella Rafiele

Soul Light Energy Healer and Reader

owner / manager


I was immersed into a very spiritual branch of Christianity that would enable me to develop my abilities. Upon that foundation, I have been able to sharpen my intuition with different modalities and practices. I work with beings of higher consciousness such as star beings, deities, higher light beings, angels, and many more. The journey to my authentic self has forced me to do a lot of self discovery and development. I’ve had to be honest with myself and be brave enough to live out my truth. I want to help others heal and love, stepping into their purpose and unapologetically owning it with power and light.




4:30 pm

Intuitive Reading

       This is your safe space to ask the Universe anything that is in your heart. I use tarot cards, oracle cards, and my own intuitive gifts to tap in and pull the information you need.

30 Minutes                $70

60 Minutes                $140        





10:00 am

Crystal Healing

        Close your eyes and relax. While your lie on the massage table I will guide you into an energetic healing. I use crystals, healing tools, and celestial healing energy to clear, clean, and reset your bodies.

30 Minutes                $70

60 Minutes                $140     

Private Meditations



11:30 am

Private Meditation

      The power of the mind is limitless. Meditation has been proven to benefit your mental and emotional health. A state of mental/emotional peace will bring positive changes in your life. This session can also be used to open and sharpen your spiritual gifts.

30 Minutes                $70

60 Minutes                $140 

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