Dani Neff

Reiki Master 
Intuitive Reader

 My spiritual journey started almost 7 years ago, my life turned upside down and I basically started re-evaluating my purpose on this planet. I began to discover the benefits of wellness practices through meditation and yoga.

I received my Reiki I, II and Master attunements and have been practicing and helping others. It has been an amazing and beautiful journey. 

I am honored to provide the space where you can start or continue your own healing journey! 




4:30 pm

Intuitive Reading

        Have your Soul’s questions answered through Communication with the Divine. 

I use oracle cards, crystals, my own intuitive gifts, and channeled messages of Light to assist you in receiving the information that is meant for you.

30 Minutes                $60

60 Minutes                $120        





10:00 am

Reiki Healing

        An individual energetic reiki healing session. 

30 Minutes                $60

60 Minutes                $120