Healing Tools

Crystal Wands & Knives 

Wands and Knives are tools used in personal work or in your healing practice.  They can be made from any type of stone or crystal.

They can be used to cut cords, remove unwanted energy, clear blocks, open chakras, move energy & more. 


To use these tools simply focus your intention and direct the tool over the areas you want to work the energy.

Crystals Fluorite & Obsidian Knife.jpg

Chakra Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are great for sound healing.

You can use them to balance & clear space and energy.  

To create sound use the stick on the side of the bowl, keep consistent pressure & pull the stick around the outer edge of the bowl. W hen using your bowl keep an intention in your heart on the energy you want to share. 

Put water in your singing bowl to create vibrationally charged water. 

Singing Bowls.jpg

Holistic Healing Products

Our healing products are hand-made by local artists. 

These products can be used for enhancing intuition, manifesting your desires, clearing yours space, amplifying your dream state and so much more.  Stop in-store to check out our samples and see what you vibe with.