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Joint Services

Service Provided by Shelby Henry & Gabriella Rafiele 

Click Here for more information on the healers.  To book a clearing call (818) 825-2867or email here.


House Clearings

Moving into a new home? Feeling like you're not alone when you're home alone?  Wanting to clearing out negative energy?  Or maybe just looking to clean house?   

A house clearing is an energy clearing for your home.  The same as if you were going in yourself  to balance, clear, & align your energy.  We protect, balance, clear, align, bless & ground your home to higher light energy and frequencies.  When your home is at peace and in harmony, so are you.

~Service Prices~

  • Single Bedroom Apartment $250

  • Apartment $300-$350

  • Single Story House $400

  • Two Story House $500+

All locations within the 118, 405, 101, & Valley Circle Blvd area are an additional $25, anything beyond those limits range from $45-$105. 

Custom Energy Session

Feeling out of place?  Looking to bring balance & harmony back into your life?

Energy healing is the ability to channel divine energy through your body and share it with the world.  By receiving an energy healing your able to balance & align all elements in your life.  Given tools to bringing more joy & happiness to you. 

Shelby & Gabriella work together in tandem, harmonized for optimum results for your greatest spiritual health.  By having two practitioners working on you together your able to receive a greater balance of healing and support. 

~Service Prices~

  • 1 hour table session $200

  • 30 minute table session $100

During a session you receive a minute consultation to focus on your energetic needs, followed by a recap & sharing of any messages or guidance that come through after your session.  The consultations run about 15-30 minutes before and after the session so please allow an additional hour of time

Shelby & Gabi are in house on Wednesday from 11am-5pm.  To request different hours please contact healer for availability. 


To schedule an appointment with Shelby & Gabi you can them at (818) 825-2867 or

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