Eco Bento Boxes & Seal Cups

These bento boxes are made out of stainless steel.  A great addition to your lunch supplies.

The Seal Cups can be used for sides or dressing for your salad.

Eco Seal Cup.jpg

Eco Straws & Sponges

Reuse! Restore! Renew!

Get one of our straw pouches and add your bamboo/stainless steel straws and utensils with all that extra space you can event fit a napkin. 

Tired of buying a new sponge every few weeks?  Well so are we!  Introducing the reusable sponge by Marley's Monsters.  When you're doing a load of laundry just put your sponge in and you're good as new again! 

Eco Sponge & Straw.jpg