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About Us

The Starlight Intuitive Journey


Starlight Intuitive

Where We Follow The Soul

Starlight Intuitive's journey began when my life gained color.  


A dear friend of mine introduced me to a world filled with all the things I dreamed of and made them into reality.  Showing me the beauty and the love within us all.  From there I began my search for my calling in this magical world.  I took healing modality classes, workshops & meditations.  Anything and everything that called me.  A vision began to form of my own space, a community of like minded souls brought together to help change the planet.  A sanctuary of peace and protection, anchoring light onto the planet.

So here we are now...where the manifestation of all these dreams and wishes are coming to life. 

Blog Talk Radio

Check out the owner, Shelby Henry as she shares more about herself and how Starlight Intuitive started.


 Hosted by Minnassa Speaks on blog talk radio.


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