Cheyenne Harding

Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist
& Intuitive Healer

Cheyenne is a clinically certified hypnotherapist & intuitive healer. Being a naturally born empath and clairaudient person, Cheyenne brings a sense of care and compassion in the lives of all those she touches.


She conducts hypnosis healings for board members at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation to ease the minds of those fighting discrimination and providing justified mental healthcare for balck and brown communities and the youth. Cheyenne is a past life regression specialist, pain management specialist and inner-child work healer all within the modality of energetic hypnotherapy.


Mondays / Tuesdays


4:30 pm

Tarot Reading

       An intuitive read on your current energetic state and clarity about how the energies may progress; that may include anyone/thing that may be closely impacting you.

30 Minutes                $70

60 Minutes                $140        



Mondays / Tuesdays


10:00 am

Hypno-theraputic Healing

        A deep dive into the subconscious; within a session, you will experience cognitive talk therapy & then enter into a deeply therapeutic trance state where limiting beliefs and past conditionings can be analyzed & transformed!

60 Minutes                $200     


Mondays / Tuesdays


10:00 am

Becoming an Ex-Smoker

        Quitting smoking can be extremely challenging. Utilizing hypnotherapy can expedite this process by bypassing the critical mind faculty which monitors new conditionings. This will allow your mind to work for you instead of against you & allow you to move closer towards your nicotine-free goals! 
You will be guided through this process in a seamless way, while learning new strategies and techniques to maintain a healthy smoke-free lifestyle! 

Disclaimer* Willingness to quit & the level of nicotine addiction can effect rate of results. 


(15 % off deal + extended first session)

Session 1 : 90 minutes 
Session 2: 60 minutes 
Session 3: 60 minutes 
Session 4: 60 minutes
Session 5: 60 minutes
Session 6: 60 minutes

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