Service Details

Shelby Henry

Cosmic Star Healer & Reader

Spiritual Guidance Reading

$45 | 30 Minutes

$90 | 60 Minutes

Custom Energy Healing

$65   | 45 Minutes

$130 | 90 Minutes

Guided Activation Meditation

$45 | 30 Minutes

This session works in the subconscious energy, it’s about what you need to work on to elevate the situation you're in for the highest outcome.  I connect to your guides & the cosmos for guidance through the cards & through my intuitive ability.

This session is for a general or specific need. If you need cords cut, help clearing an old relationship, subconscious overriding, inner child work, deep grounding, deep inner peace, help sleeping, etc. 

This mediation is for bringing in encoded information to activate your energy. We connect to your guides, Star family, Universal & Earth energy to open your energy and bring you the tools you need. With this meditation you may receive immediate results or they may take time as your body acclimates to the changes, generates the energy & integrates the information.


Gabriella Rafiele

Sun Oracle & Soul Light Healer

Intuitive Reading

$ 65  | 30 Minutes

$130 | 60 Minutes

Soul Light Healing 

$75 | 45 Minutes

Chakra Journey

$75   | 45 Minutes

one session

$425  | 45 Minutes

seven sessions

Spirit Guide Encounter

$75 | 45 Minutes

one session

$425 | 45 Minutes

seven sessions

Intuitive readings will give you answers to the questions you might have or provide guidance in the situation you are in. Modalities used are Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards.

Feeling some type of way, but can figure out what your body is telling you? We will sit and listen to your what your soul/body is telling you.


Heal subconscious patterns that are causing destructive behaviors in your life. Modalities used are meditation, visualizations, and affirmations to heal any trauma from this lifetime or past ones. 

This session will open and clear every chakra one by one, through subconscious healing. Resulting in a clear spiritual flow that will impact your body, emotions, and mind in a positive way. Allowing you to live your fullest experience here on earth in spiritual alignment. 

This mediation is for connecting with your spirit guides and even passed loved ones.

During this session you will learn to connect and to speak to your spirit guides - learning where they come from, who they are, how to talk to them, and how to channel their energy in your life.


Graciela De La Cruz

Crystal Healer, Medium & Reiki Master 

Intuitive Reading

$ 50  | 30 Minutes

$100 | 60 Minutes

Reiki Healing

$ 50  | 30 Minutes

$100 | 60 Minutes

Etheric Cord Attunment

$100 | 60 Minutes

Intuitive reader- I connect to the energy with intention and high vibration to receive guidance from our Spirit guides (Archangels, guardian angels, honorable ancestors). I use the cards and my intuition to relay the messages that Spirit wants to share with you.

Reiki is a positive, universal life force energy, also known as Chi, Prana or Ki, used to improve one's health and quality of life. As a facilitator for the energy.

In this session I work as a channel for which the higher vibrational energy flows through (me) and transferred to the recipient (you).

Through my practice and the power of intention I work to release this energy and promote well being on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level for my clients. I hold a safe space in order to help you reduce stress, anxiety and other alignments while restoring more peace and harmony into your life.

In this session we cut and remove negative and non-serving cords to strengthen and support your healing, this is a great addition to your energy healing practices.


More About Cord Cutting: 

Energy cords- sometimes referred to as ethereal cords/ energy cords. These cords extend out of you and connect with other people, places, animals and even objects. One of the most important things a person can do for their relationship evolution, is cutting cords that still bind them to previous relationships and prevent them from completing those relationships in the highest of ways. Most people do not realize that when you have a relationship with someone your energetic systems become connected, especially when there is a strong emotional or mental event between both parties such as a traumatic or painful event. 


Emily Marie

Intuitive Guide & Collective Channel

Intuitive Card Reading

$ 50  | 30 Minutes

$100 | 60 Minutes

Channeled Messages / Energy Cleansing

$ 50  | 30 Minutes

$100 | 60 Minutes

Heart Chakra Clearing/Activation

$ 45  | 30 Minutes

Intuitive Activation Session

$ 105  | 60 Minutes

$140 | 90 Minutes

In this session we will dive into either your general energy, or any specific questions you may have with tarot & oracle cards. You will receive intuitive guidance to support you on your soul growth journey.

In this session I will tap into your physical, mental, emotional, & energetic bodies to receive messages that will support your soul growth journey in this moment. As I share the messages that come through for you, I will also be holding space to clear out any lower vibrational energy that I feel is stuck or stagnant within your physical body. Allow time & space for integration after this session.

A session for you to sit back, relax, and receive. In this session we will focus on relaxing your physical body, to support you in opening up your heart space to receive both a clearing & activation of your heart chakra. I recommend having a journal by your side after our session for you to write what you may have experienced. Allow time & space for integration after this session.

This session is full of energy clearings, healings, upgrades & activations. Think of it like a nourishing energetic tune up to support your physical, mental, emotional, & energetic bodies to come into fuller alignment with your soul's authentic frequency. I will be connecting to your beautiful Highest Self Energy~ your radiant essence & calling in other Divine Support (angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, ect) to help bring forth messages & guidance that best serves your ascension & evolution in this moment. This is a safe space for all of you to be fully witnessed, heard, & accepted; we will be tuning into what’s real for you right now~ so that I can channel messages, pull cards, clear/activate your energy fields, & ground into the guidance available to you here & now. I use your birth info to pull up your birth chart to get a closer look at how the cosmos may be affecting you in your experience in this present moment. *upon our session I need your full name, date of birth, city & state you were born in, and exact time of birth*


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